How To Turn Off Nockturnal Nocks? (It’s Simple)

I have purchased a new Nockturnal lighted nock and every time I try to turn it off, it triggers the light. No matter how gently I try, why is it so stubborn? How to turn off Nockturnal nocks?

The Nockturnal lighted nocks are unlike any other lighted nocks in the market. But because of several important features of the internal linear switch that allows for easy on and easy off, they don’t usually turn off effortlessly. 

You can turn them off simply by using the tip of another arrow and flipping the switch or using an extinguisher to do it fast. 

But pulling out the nocks freehanded is tricky and also using an extinguisher requires precautions. See what is the easiest way out I’ve found to turn them off.

Table of Contents

  1. How To Turn Off Nockturnal Lighted Nocks (Step By Step)
  2. How Long Does Nockturnal Stay Lit?
  3. Do Nockturnal Nocks Change Arrow Flight?
  4. How To Install Nockturnal Nocks?
  5. How Do I Change The Battery In My Nockturnal Lighted Nocks?
  6. What Size Nockturnal Lighted Nocks Should I Buy?
  7. How To Turn Off Carbon Express Lighted Nocks?
  8. How To Turn Off Victory Lighted Nocks?

How To Turn Off Nockturnal Lighted Nocks (Step By Step)

Usually, the lighted nocks turn off after a few minutes of your shoot. But Nockturnal nocks are tricky, so check out -how do you turn off a Nockturnal nock?


First of all, let’s take you through a few precautionary steps to make sure you properly install these lighted nocks without damaging the arrow shaft or the new nocks themselves. 

Now what you need to do is press them inside your arrow shaft. If you hear a click as you turn it, it means they are perfectly installed. After the shot, it will light automatically and this is how to turn on Nockturnal nocks. 


Once you are ensured that the nocks have no installment issues go for the turn of step. To do it freehanded, take the arrow and pull the tip.


You’ll notice a little hole right there in the tip. So you put the tip from the arrow and pull it up from the hole. And that’s it! Now to be more sure, put them on the arrow again and see if it’s lit again or not.


Another easy way to turn off lighted nocks is by using an extinguisher. It’s a tiny Nockturnal lighted nock tool that works as a two-part tool. You can use it as an arrow puller by putting the rubber compound in the center of the bolt and pulling the targets.

And finally to turn off the lights. As nocturnal doesn’t have specific extinguishers, just pick up a regular one.


Now put the extinguisher over the nock up to about the fletchings. Then grip it and give it about 2 or 3 shakes. Then push the nocks pretty hard. Do the shaking again and it’ll simply turn off. 

And when you are ready to shoot it’ll come back on as normal!

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How Long Does Nockturnal Stay Lit?

A Nockturnal lithium battery can last for approximately 20 accretive hours. Most of the archers can use one Nockturnal throughout a season but it’s better to replace it each year.

But for practicing purposes dead Nockturnals of 25 grains are best. Because their weight and behavior remain perfect as the new. 

Do Nockturnal Nocks Change Arrow Flight?

Yes. Nockturnal nocks can change arrow flight slightly as they change the point of impact. If you add some extra pounds to your bow it’s obvious to change the impact.

A standard nock should weigh less than 22 gains. But all the Nockturnal are between 20-25 grains. And this weight is enough to put an affect on the arrow flight while shooting.

How To Install Nockturnal Nocks?

Grab your Nockturnal nocks with a pillar and then simply line it up slightly in the arrow shaft. Use string wax if the nocks seem too tight. 

Then wipe off the excess wax and immediately push the nock with a minimum force. And it’s done.

Check out my full guide on how can you install lighted Nockturnal nocks.

How Do I Change The Battery In My Nockturnal Lighted Nocks?

Find out the transparent ring where the batteries are and unwrap the wire present there. Now hold the lighted nock shank tightly and pull off the batteries. 

Then take the new ones and wrap them with fine wire. And finally, put them again in the transparent battery holder. 

What Size Nockturnal Lighted Nocks Should I Buy?

Nockturnal lighted nocks are found between .165 – .244 in inside diameter. But it’s better to buy the .244  as they have enough space to be fitted into the carbon shafts.

How To Turn Off Carbon Express Lighted Nocks?

Carbon express lighted nocks come with a clip-on. So use an extinguisher to pull the nocks a little bit. Then shake them a little and pull them out again. And it will easily turn off.

How To Turn Off Victory Lighted Nocks?

Victory-lighted nocks are switched nocks. Find the tiny portion of the switch and press it with your hand very generously. And the victory-lighted nocks are turned off easily.

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