How To Install Lumenok? (Easy Peasy)

I’ve recently bought a Lumenok lighted nock to recognize shot placement. But the installation was a bit difficult for me. How to install Lumenok on your arrow?

Lumenok has amazing lighted arrow nocks and it’s never too hard to install them. As the shaft square design is slightly different here it makes us confused. But if you maintain the measurements of carbon and aluminum shaft it becomes super easy you know. 

Here are the steps I always prefer when installing Lumenok. See how easy it is to install these lighted nocks.

Table of Contents

  1. How To Install Lumenok (Step by Step)
  2. Lumenok Size Chart: Which Fits Best?
  3. What Color Lumenok Is Best?
  4. How Do I Turn My Lumenok Off?
  5. Key Takeaways

How To Install Lumenok (Step by Step)

Lumenok requires an accurate shaft to fit in. Otherwise, the procedure is completely hassle-free. Just follow these steps-

#Step 1

First, pick up an accurate-sized Lumenok s nock according to your carbon arrow shafts. Or you can fix the fitting. As some of them fit well or some of them are too tight you can cut off the excess.

#Step 2

We need the fit to be proper so they tend to run larger than they need to be. So we don’t sand inside the shaft. And I never ask people to change the diameter of the shaft as that would be dangerous. What you’ll do is cut a set off the shank of the knot.

#Step 3

There are five sets ranging along the shank of the nock and you can cut off one at a time to improve that tight fit.

#Step 4

Use your thumbnail to locate one of the sets along the shank sets. Run this way, that set is right there. It’s better if you use your knife to cut that set off from one end to another. It’s going to improve the fit of that Lumenok in the shafts.

#Step 5

Now make the surface smoother and clear the excesses off. Now you can push the nock into your carbon arrow shafts. If you hear the cranking sound then you’ve done it with a single attempt.


But what if the nock isn’t seated at once? How do I activate Lumenok? Well, I don’t want to push so much to light up the lights so I push it with my thumb again against the palm into the hand with 20-40 pounds. 

This is -how do you use Lumenok nocks? So finally you are done installing your Lumenok.

In case you want to watch a video and follow through the process, here’s a good one.

Lumenok Size Chart: Which Fits Best?

We archers suffer with Lumenok installation mostly because of the size issue. Sometimes cutting off the excess is a solution. But if it’s not done properly both the arrow and nocks can be damaged. 

That’s why I prefer collecting the accurate Lumenok nocks that they provide for different arrows. 

Lumenok comes in different sizes-

  • .245 ” ID
  • .204 ” ID
  • .233 ” ID
  • .244 ” ID 

But among all of these .204″ ID is preferable as it is easy to fit inside the arrow. Also, it has a weight of 24 grains which makes less impact on the arrow flight.

However, if you want to look at the different manufacturer and their sizes, follow this link (will take you to Lumenok’s site).

What Color Lumenok Is Best?

The color that serves the best depends on the landscape. The green Lumenok is the best for almost all scenarios. As other colors objects comparatively can be seen more on the landscape at night, green will save you from confusion. 

Lumenok Signature Nock (3pack) comes with a green color and it’s most effective for arrow retrieval and to recognize them.

How Do I Turn My Lumenok Off?

You just need enough pull to turn off the Lumenok. You can do it free-handed for small and lite weighted nocks. But use a tool in case of a bit longer nocks. Pull them with 30-50 pounds of pressure. And this is how to turn off Lumenok.

Key Takeaways

Don’t get too frustrated about installing Lumenok. As their fitting is different according to our regular shaft, just go for an accurate one. Or easily cut them off to fit as I’ve mentioned. And you see how easy it was installed with a little pressure! 

Wasn’t it fun?

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