Horton storm RDX problems, complaints, and solutions

As a Horton Storm RDX crossbow owner, I have firsthand experience with its problems. When I bought my Horton crossbow, I was excited to start shooting again. But soon after buying it, I noticed that it wasn’t working correctly.

The main problem with the RDX is the bolt. The bolt is supposed to be threaded but it isn’t. Other problems include- getting stuck when pulling back, bolt spring is weak, doesn’t come up with an adjustable draw length, and so on.

With that preview out of the way, let’s dive into the details causes and solutions of Horton Storm RDX problems.

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List of Horton Storm RDX problems with solutions

In this section, I’ve compiled all the problems you possibly find with your Storm RDX and provided solutions to those I got.

  1. Getting stuck pulling back the string 

One of the problems I’ve had with my Horton RDX crossbow has been the bolt getting stuck when I pull back on the string. I’ve tried all kinds of things to get the bolt out, but it just won’t budge.


I did manage to break a bolt in two doing this, so I thought I would post a blog of what I did to try and solve this problem. I hope it helps someone else out.

The first thing I did was to take off the stock and replace it with an after-market one.

Then I cleaned everything, including the bolt. I wiped it down with rubbing alcohol and even gave it a good spray of WD-40.

After that, I used a few tools that I had in the garage to try and get the bolt unstuck.

The first thing I tried was a pair of needle nose pliers.

Then I used a pair of channel lock pliers. I also used a hex key on the bolt itself, but I don’t recommend doing this.

  1. The Bolt Release Button Is Stuck

The bolt release button is stuck. You will need to loosen it using a small screwdriver.


Tighten the Bolt Release Button Using a Screwdriver. First, take off the two screws that hold the bolt release button in place. Then, use a small screwdriver to loosen the bolt release button. Now, it should move freely.

  1. The Bolt Spring Is Weak

The bolt spring needs to be changed. You will have to use a spanner.


First, remove the bolt assembly from the shaft. Then, remove the bolt spring. Finally, change the new bolt spring.

  1. Come up with a very low pound draw weight.

The crossbow comes with a low pounds draw weight. This might not be a big problem for anything other than hunting or target shooting. So, if you only intend to use Horton storm RDX as a hunting bow, you might reconsider.

  1. Doesn’t comes with an adjustable draw length.

This is not a problem actually as there are lots of bows that also don’t come up with an adjustable draw length. This is more of a handy feature that most modern bows are offering nowadays.


You need to measure the draw length precisely before getting Horton storm RDX as you can’t adjust it after buying. So, you need to buy that one that exactly matches your draw length.

Horton RDX Specs

Here you go, the Horton RDX Specifications:

Axle-to-Axle Width15.5“ uncocked, 10” cocked
Weight‎2.65 Pounds
Velocity370 fps
Power Stroke6.5″
Horton RDX specs

How to Fix the Broken Parts on a Storm RDX Crossbow?

Storm RDX crossbow is a popular crossbow with an impressive range. But, it has some broken parts that need to be fixed. Some of the parts are the trigger, the barrel, and the scope. 

The trigger can get stuck because of a design flaw. Barrels can break because of poor manufacturing processes and scope can get misaligned due to improper assembly during production. 

There are two ways to fix these broken parts on a Storm RDX Crossbow: you can either send it back for repair or you can fix them yourself at home. 

How to do it yourself?

On the back of the RDX crossbow, there is a red arrow pointing to a hole. This hole can fit both thumbs and is where you are supposed to push on in order to open up the bow.

The barrel is located on top of the RDX crossbow. To fix this part, you need pliers or a screwdriver and another tool. 

If you do not have the tools, a ruler can also be helpful. Once you remove the screws, place the end of the screwdriver in between 2 teeth on either side of the barrel and gently twist it in order to separate the barrel from the RDX crossbow. 

Then, you will need to find one or two holes on either side that are large.


Horton Storm RX is a high-performance reverse limb crossbow with highly accurate shots. However, it has some problems. Although the problems are not that severe but leaving that unchecked might worsen the shooting experience.

That’s why in this post, I didn’t leave any stone unturned showing you all the possible problems and their solutions. There are other models of Horton like Vortec Which problems I’ve covered in another article.

Hope this helped. As you are here for Horton crossbow problems, you may also be interested in other crossbow problems.


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