All The Centerpoint Crossbow Problems And Solutions

“My newly bought CenterPoint crossbow just stopped firing! Or sometimes the safety does not work on time.” 

These are a few common problems that CenterPoint archers often mention. 

If you are a Centerpoint user, you may feel relatable here. Or maybe you are facing different issues that are ruining your bowhunting experience. 

Let’s check out the common center point problems and learn how to solve them. 

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Common Centerpoint crossbow problems and solutions

Unique CenterPoint models are now ruling the market. But you may face a few minor issues while shooting or aiming. 

I’ve mentioned all the problems owners commonly face and how they deal with them. Have a look at all the common center point crossbow problems-

  1. Defective Centerpoint Sensor 
  2. Centerpoint Crossbow not firing
  3. Accuracy balance problems 
  4. Loose string and broken strings 
  5. Dry fire

#1 Defective Sensor

A defective sensor always loads arrows on its own and fires automatically. It may cause sudden injury. 

When the sensor device inside the holder is defective, your sensor will act like this.


You better open up the whole holder and pull out the sensor device. Check if it’s defective and also clean it. Place it again and try some empty shoots.

#2 Centerpoint Crossbow not firing

Your CenterPoint crossbow usually fires while you start cooking. And thus, it directly switches to the safe mode. But sometimes, the Centerpoint crossbow can stop firing.

The reason is not setting the arrows properly. Sometimes maybe, you forget to seat the arrow’s nock accordingly.


You can load it for several turns but remember this one must be empty. 

Now seat the arrow nock and push it as hard as you can. So far, I know 5 pounds of force will be enough for it. 

Note: Always shoot after ensuring that the arrow nock is ideally eaten. Otherwise, there is a chance of unwanted injury.

#3 Accuracy balance problems

The CenterPoint crossbow is manufactured with outstanding accuracy. 

However, it shows accuracy problems once in a blue moon. It happens only when you don’t seat the arrows properly.  


Here is a simple solution for it. Hold the string tight for a few seconds before shooting. 

Also, re-check the bow and focus on serving. Accuracy problems will be easily eradicated.

#4 Loose string and broken strings

Most Centerpoint users mentioned that their strings often get loose and fall apart when they try to hoot. 

Because the distance between the arrow insert and the stings is not accurate.


After a few years, the inserts get closer to the arrow strings. You need to open the strings and hind bolt particles. Place the string t  2 inches far from the inserts.

#5 Dry Fire

Does your CenterPoint crossbow give dry fires? It happens as the bolts are heavier than the strings. 

Or some obstacles prevent it from moving accordingly. 


This time you have to unload all the overweight bolts. Or replace those heavy bolts with other lightweight bolts. Also, check if any dirt is stuck on them.

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Centerpoint amped 415 problems

Have a look at all the CenterPoint amped 415 problems –

  • Bearing service issue of Centerpoint

Bearing service issue

Some CenterPoint users complained that the bearing service is inferior as there is no extra grease on the bearing. 

Or maybe a  hole in the bearing becomes too large after several years of use, so they cannot hold the shafts tightly.


You have to apply some extra grease to get smooth shoots. Also, tighten the large hole.

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You can place one rubber adjuster for a better experience.

Centerpoint sniper 370 problems

Common CenterPoint sniper 370 problems are- 

  • Centerpoint crossbow rail issues.
  • Clutch slipping problem.

Centerpoint crossbow rail issues

The rails sometimes fail to remain straight after a long time of use. It suddenly got twisted. 

If you pull the trigger with more force, its rail will fail to stand straight.


Always trigger with appropriate stress so that the rails will not get twisted.  Also, try more flexible rails that will turn automatically after twisting.

Clutch slipping problem

There is a common issue with CenterPoint sniper 370 is clutch slipping. Users say they can put only 49 arrows without any obstacles. 

But after that lucky period, the clutch of the crank starts to slip again and again.


Keep your focus sharp on cranking. And hold it steady while shooting.  

Set the crank a bit to the upper port. Changing the momentum is also a great solution here.

Centerpoint amped 425 problems

There is only one problem that CenterPoint amped 425 users complained about-

  • Cam lean difficulties

Cam lean Problems of CenterPoint amped 425

Almost all the beginners find a problem with cam lean. It happens as they don’t set up the leans perfectly. 

Without setting it according to accuracy, users get in trouble with this.


Open up the tunes and check if they are already settled. If they are not, then place the lean and the stock bows according to their guidelines.

You can create your balance according to your suitable accuracy.

Centerpoint patriot 425 problems

Problems that are commonly seen with Centerpoint patriot 425-

  • Speed balance 

Speed Balance Problems

This is a very high-speed model, so many new users face problems with their first shooting. 

It happens because they are not placing the arrow accurately, and their momentum is not perfect for the speed balance. 


Press the triggers as their tutorial says. I recommend using a rubber-based speed adjuster to balance the speed.

Centerpoint cp400 problems

The problem that CenterPoint cp400 users commonly face- 

  • String not engaging

String not engaging

The strings fail to engage appropriately if the inserts have loose components. Or, if the strings are damaged or broken, they also fail to engage. 


Open up the hind string part and tightly screw them. If the strings are damaged, replace them as soon as possible to avoid causing damage to the holder.

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Centerpoint pulse 425 problems

Centerpoint pulse 425 is a heavy crossbow used for distance shooting. Users often find problems with – 

  • Weight adjustment

Weight adjustment problem

The users face problems with the overweight CenterPoint pulse 425. The arrow and the other parts are heavy; this causes a loss of aim.


It is not possible to replace all the bow parts. In such cases, only unload the heavy parts and use light-weighted arrows.

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  1. I am new to use a Crossbow. I have a Centerpoint 390. Just purchased Hand Crank. Question. After cooking Crossbow can I Dry Fire without a bolt? Or after hand crank clocks Crossbow how do I uncock it?

  2. I have a centerpoint patriot 425 crossbow and my cam pulley bent and broke when I fired it when I was out hunting now it’s worthless I can’t find parts for it and it’s only a year old I tried getting a hold of centerpoint and they won’t get back to me that place is a joke their about as worthless as the crossbow I’m very disappointed .

  3. i have a centerpoint 425 patriot with cranking device. shot only 3 times. the 4th time when cocking the buttstock separated from main frame. string will not come all the way back safety switch.

  4. I bought my patriot 425 last summer and it was hanging and fell and the front mount broke, anyone have any ideas on how to get new parts ?

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