How To Quiet a Crossbow Noise Forever?

My newly bought crossbow started to sound almost like thunder! I was so puzzled about why it was happening. And start searching for “how to quiet a crossbow ” in every possible source. 

As crossbows are stronger than standard bows they use more energy to release the arrow. That is the main reason for becoming a crossbow louder. There are several ways to quiet your crossbow at once.

If it’s your loud crossbow that brought you here, then check out how I got rid of this excessive sound. No matter what model you’re holding, we’re gonna fix it today, hopefully.

Are All Crossbows Loud?

Most crossbows are louder. They can be as loud as heavy traffic. Normally a crossbow produces between 80-90 decibels of sound.

Crossbows are stronger than standard bows and use more energy to release the arrow. That’s why a crossbow becomes louder.

Also, crossbows are 2-3 times heavier compared with other compound bows which result in more noise when discharged.  But all crossbows do not deliver the same level of noise. It varies from brand to brand.

How To Silence A Crossbow?

Silence your crossbow

Hunting requires better timing and tactics. And the crossbow’s loudness is fair enough for the target to run for its life before the arrow can hit. But there are many ways to make a crossbow quieter that you can follow.

So, let’s jump to it- how to make your loud crossbow quieter- 


Firstly, you can add some rubber to the strings and this process is damping. There are many archery accessories called dampeners. You can dampen your strings easily by using those.

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Dampeners will decrease the vibration of your strings while shooting and therefore decrease the sound. Because vibration is the first thing that we hear while firing a crossbow. Using rubber in the strings will also reduce the kick directly which later reduces loudness.

Using Wrench

Make sure your crossbow is not loose. A loose crossbow can produce more sound as well as reduce the crossbow’s ability to shoot and aim.

You need to check it and for fixing it you can use a wrench. Check properly all the screws of the crossbow and then tighten all the loose ones. Done? Now check your crossbow. It is quieter enough, right?

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Using Heavier Bolts

You can simply make your crossbow quieter by using heavier blots. If you use a lighter bolt, there will be a massive space between the firing mechanism and the arrow. That will produce more sound by additional kicking.  

So, go for a heavier blot and make your hunting experience smoother. 

Getting Better Crossbow

Use a wrench, heavier blot, dumping, or every process you follow to quieten your crossbow will fail if your crossbow is cheaper. 

Sometimes loudness completely depends on the quality of the crossbow. So, for getting desired results in hunting, buy a better crossbow. Also, it will last longer than a cheaper one.

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Moreover, practicing more and more can make you a solid archer. Your appropriate skill in operating, maintaining, using the correct projectiles, etc will surely help you to quiet down your crossbow.

Furthermore, a selection of smaller arrows will help decrease sound.

DIY Crossbow Silencer: Can You Do It On Your Own?

You can do all the procedures for crossbow silencing by yourself. Installing appropriate dampeners for your crossbow model is simple. It is not required the support of any professional. Check out this article where I showed, how to install silencers.

Checking your crossbow if it is loose or tight and selecting a heavier blot or a better crossbow just requires some initial knowledge about the crossbow. Just do research before buying a crossbow. 

Silencing Different Crossbows

Depending on the model, your crossbow silencing method will be different. An example for you is that different technologies of dumping methods vary with the model.  

Here is how you can make quieter your different crossbows-

How To Quiet The Excalibur Crossbow?

If you have a loud Excalibur crossbow, then you can follow several processes to quieten it. Install suitable dampeners that are available in the market. 

But before that, check your crossbow first. If it is loose, tighten the ball screw by using a wrench and then test it.  Selecting a heavier bolt is also helpful. 

How To Quiet A Wicked Ridge Crossbow?

Using string dampeners in your wicked ridge crossbow will give you a lower sound while shooting. Before installing this, make sure the crossbow is not loose. Choose a high-priced, smaller, and heavier crossbow that will make less noise. 

How To Quiet A Ravin Crossbow?

Make your popular Ravin crossbow quieter by using dampeners like those used in other crossbows. It will reduce production sound from 80-85 to 50-55 decibels. As well as check the crossbow properly, and make sure it is not loose. 

How To Quiet A Recurve Crossbow?

To silence a recurve crossbow, you can follow the processes I mentioned before to quieten others’ model crossbows. But additionally, you can use limb silencers that will help you a lot. Putting a handmade flemish twist on the string works to produce a lower sound. 

How To Silence A Tenpoint Crossbow?

To silence a TenPoint crossbow, you can just follow the same processes of silencing a wicked ridge crossbow that I mentioned above.  The procedures for quieting those two models are quite similar.

How To Quiet A Barnett Crossbow?

Barnett crossbow sound dampeners are useful for silencing Barnett crossbows. You can find crossbow silencer kits for Barnett in both online and offline markets which are helpful. 

Such as crab-shaped limb dampeners found on amazon. Install it easily and make your Barnett crossbow quieter. 

How Loud Is A Crossbow?

I’ve mentioned earlier that most of the crossbows are loud. They are roughly two times louder than other bows which produce only around 45 decibels only.  

For your better understanding, let me give some examples of the sound production of different crossbows. Ravin R26 produces 87.2 decibels of sound. 

Also, Tenpoint Nitro XRT produces 85.7, Mission SUB-1 produces 85.5, Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 85.2 decibels, and Excalibur Micro 360 TD pro produces 83.9 decibels of sounds.

So, a crossbow is louder than other bows, it’s clear. Though all the models are louder, some models are available that are slightly quieter than others.

Wrap Up

Crossbows produce a lot of noise, especially when hunting, where noise becomes a deadly enemy. Luckily, there are ways to silence it and I showed all those different ways to do it. You can DIY it even.

Using a crossbow string dampener, you can easily get rid of the noise. All dampeners are not the same, and selecting the right one is crucial. That’s why I’d recommend you use this dampener to silence your crossbow.

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