Excalibur Crossbow Problems and Solutions

My Excalibur bulldog 380 crossbow strings just popped up suddenly. Hardly saved my face this time. Does it happen to you too? Aren’t the limbs too hard to adjust sometimes? How do you fix it? 

Excalibur strings are not as flexible as other crossbows. They are designed with a strong base to maintain speed shots. And this is what makes the strings pop up unintentionally. And the same happens to the limbs too. The fittings are too hard so we have to struggle a bit. 

Well, these are some common problems but Excalibur users face more. But that’s okay! I’ve found out all the Excalibur crossbow problems and solutions. Read on to get rid of these- 

Excalibur bulldog 380 problems

Here are some common problems that all bulldog 380 users face. I’ve mentioned the solution too! Check this out-

  1. String damage problem 
  2. Right limb missing 

String damage problem

Excalibur bulldog strings get damaged too easily. Because the string pathway is not that smooth. The total manufacturer of this bow is a bit strong and rough. This is what makes the path hard too.

Ultimately we broke or damaged the strings while loading or unloading it.


If you broke the limbs while loading the bow then immediately uncock it and remove the arrows too. And load it again but this time place an adjuster in the strings pathway. 

So that the pathway gets safer and a bit smoother than before. And you can avoid unwanted string damage or breakages. 

And if the strings break down while decocking, simply pull them out and follow the same procedure while loading it. 

Right limb missing

Sometimes we try to shoot but it stops. And when we open it up. Our right limb is missing!

It happens because of the uneven adjustment of the limbs. As they are a bit hard we get too impatient to set them up properly. And when we try to shoot like this it makes the limbs fall apart while shooting.  And we can’t find it afterward.  


The only solution here is to adjust the limbs carefully and not hurry. Once you make sure the limbs are seated properly, then go for shooting. For more safety, tighten the limbs every time you load the crossbow. 

Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 330 Problems

List of the common Excalibur matrix bulldog 330 –

  1. Limb adjusting issue
  2. Matrix Bulldog 330 decocking problem

Limb adjusting issue

Sometimes when we try to adjust the limbs patiently, it still fails to adjust properly. It happens because the limb holder is broken. Or maybe the left or right limb is damaged so that the other one can’t adjust properly. 


Inspect the limb holder if it is broken. Change the holder and place a new one here. Also, check the condition of both limbs. Fix them if broken. 

Matrix Bulldog 330 decocking problem

While decocking the matrix bulldog 330 model just stocks and we can’t unload it or remove the arrows. 

It happens if the trigger was not pulled with proper pressure. Or maybe the arrow itself was the issue.


You must pull the trigger according to the recommended force mentioned by your dealer. This can solve decocking issues.

Or check if the arrows have been displaced after shooting. If so then just remove the arrows separately. And then try decocking. 

Excalibur 405 crossbow problems

Excalibur 405 in an excellent crossbow. I hardly found any complaints about it. The one issue I’ve found is – 

  • Problem with handling scope rails

Problem with handling scope rails

The scope rails of Excalibur  405 sometimes are so hard to handle. It becomes harder when you do not place the scope accordingly. Or becoming too impatient while unloading is also a reason. 


When you load your bow, place the scope at the exact position. Double-check it to ensure more safety.

And while unloading it doesn’t hurry to remove it. Otherwise, the rails will be more difficult to control.

Excalibur Assassin crossbow problems

Some common Excalibur found with Excalibur assassins are –

  • Dry fire problem

Dry Fire Of Excalibur Assassin Crossbow

When you start to shoot the arrow without placing the bolts in nocks, dry fire happens.  Sometimes the nocks are too loose to hold the bolts.


Before you begin to shoot, place the bolts carefully in the nocks. And you can tighten up the nocks again to ensure that the bolts are placed.

Check out: ways to solve dry fire problems in a bow

Excalibur bulldog 440 problems

There are also some problems with the Excalibur bulldog 440. The most common complaint is about its limbs. It is fragile. However, not everyone faces this problem.

If your Excalibur bulldog 440 limbs become fragile after a short period of time, you should replace them.

Other Excalibur problems

Excalibur bulldog trigger problems

The common problem with the trigger of Excalibur bulldog is –

  • The trigger is jammed or blocked

Trigger problems

When we try to shoot often the trigger gets jammed and we fail to fire.

It happens if something is stuck on the triggering pathway.  Or maybe you are not pulling the trigger correctly.


Open up the trigger holder, bolts, and screws and inspect everything. See if any dirt or obstacles are present there. Clean it gently and put the parts back together.

Also, pull the trigger with appropriate force while shooting.

Excalibur crossbow limb problems

The most common Excalibur crossbow limb problems are adjustment and damage to limbs.

Like Excalibur matrix crossbow limb problems. They get damaged because of the rough pathway of Excalibur models. You need to pull the trigger with accurate force to avoid it.

On the other hand, Excalibur matrix grizzly crossbow limb problems are related to adjustment. It happens when the limb holder is broken or any of the limbs is damaged. You can easily solve it by removing and replacing the holder or limbs. 

Excalibur crossbow accuracy problems

The problem we face the most with the accuracy of our Excalibur crossbow is-

  • Poor accuracy problems

Poor accuracy

The crossbow gives poor accuracy only when we do not cock it properly. 

In rare cases, the limb’s performance can be a reason too. 


Inspect all the parts before you cock the crossbow and follow the cocking sequence properly. Also, try to keep high-quality limbs with even finishing to avoid this problem.  

Excalibur Lumi-Zone Crossbow Scope Problems

The one problem that we Lumi-zone user face is – 

  • Displacement problem

Lumi-zone scope displacement

When you shoot the crossbow often the crosshairs on the Lumi-zone start to turn.

It happens when the scopes are not tight enough to hold the rings.


Before you shoot, tighten up the screws of the scopes. So that they can hold the rings in place and it doesn’t get displaced by the shaking of firing. 


How long do Excalibur crossbow limbs last?

The longevity of the Excalibur crossbow is 50000 miles. And you can use it by maintaining this measurement for two years. 

Are Excalibur crossbows good?

Excalibur crossbows are designed especially for 300 and 350 FPS. And also comes at a reasonable price. So getting all these features at this reasonable price makes Excalibur a good and worthy one. 

How long do Excalibur crossbow strings last?

If you maintain the strings properly they can last up to 1200 shots. But the durability may vary for different models. 

How long do Excalibur crossbows last?

The longevity of the Excalibur crossbow mostly depends on the limb’s performance and they can’t last more than 50000 miles of shots.

Which Excalibur crossbow is the quietest?

The quietest Excalibur crossbow of all time is Scorpyd RDT 125. 

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