Sevr Broadheads Vs Rage: Differences & Winner!

Wondering which broadhead might be the best pick for your hunting? Let’s make this easier for you. 

Exploring SEVR and Rage Broadheads leading the market might save you time. But still, you need to learn which factors make difference here, don’t you? Well, we will go on that way!

So, what are the key differences between SEVR broadheads vs Rage broadheads? The main difference between them is penetration. While the Rage broadheads carry more accurate penetration along with straight air flights, SEVR somehow lacks a bit. However, SEVR heads are easy to utilize. That’s the reason behind using it for practice sessions becoming popular. 

Are these all to share? Not really! You have the whole article to get a better understanding of them. 

So, shall we start?  

SEVR Broadheads vs Rage: Sneak Peek

Mechanical or expandable broadheads like these look alike from a broader perspective. But we don’t want you to pay the price at average one. 

Here’s a quick snippet of them!

Compared FactorsSEVR BroadheadsRage Broadheads
FlexibilityEasier to useAverage
Cutting DiameterSmaller than rage’sMore than 2 inches
Blades ProtectivenessMoreAverage
Practice ModeExcellentAverage
Differences between Sevr and Rage broadheads

Might have caught something special on your radar from here, don’t you? 

But look, until you get deeper insights, we don’t think deciding so quickly brings you the best. 

For that, here’s a dedicated section ahead!

SEVR Broadheads vs Rage: In-depth Comparison

From now on, existing confusion if any will disappear. Here we go!

Durability and Compatibility

Let’s have a compatibility test- also measures broadhead’s durability. Suppose you have got plywood, steel plate, cinder block, etc. 

Let’s go from softer targets to harder ones. 

You might see SEVR winning while shooting it at the plywood along with Rage. Broadheads that break or bend significantly are eliminated. See if any broadheads survive the ultimate durability challenge!

Usually, hitting a 3/8″ plywood through Rage is quite uncertain, you can not say in advance if it goes bent or stays straight after hitting. 

But compared to the SEVR broadheads, you might not find Rage compatible enough to pass this round. Sometimes, its blades might get broken or bend over. 

And what about the SEVR broadheads? They can pass this plywood round quite comfortably. 

Meanwhile, going further than that? What if you set a 0.22 gauge steel plate up for the next hitting challenge? 

Still, SEVR will stay strong, with no bending or broken issues. 

Impact on Target

Rage brand is one of the most popular in terms of having advanced mechanical broadheads. Flight in the air is also top-notch. However, the impact is always measured by how strongly the blade hits the target. 

But look, Rage broadheads might not be the best provider in this situation. Blades being curved or bent are often visible. As a result, penetration will not go far. Yes, it might create more cutting diameters compared to SEVR. 

Relevantly, you can see the bigger entrance and exit holes. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to keep this brand on the top-tier list. 

Along with that, getting weaker as the blades move to the target closer shows the key downfall of Rage broadheads. In the meantime, less bending, and curvature you will find in SEVR broadheads. 

The blades might deploy. However, their blades bringing the slit remain quite narrower than those of the wings. As a result, you will see the wing slitting more effortlessly. 

And, flights stay more straight and accurate. No bending issue arises due to this compatibility of SEVR broadheads.

Design and Material

SEVR broadheads get an amazing precision-ground tip and ferrule design on their titanium models. SEVR steel 1.5 and 1.7 tips manufactured by a billet-machined titanium material come with better blade angles.

As a result, remaining closed in air flights becomes possible for SEVR. On top of that, its 2 inches cutting diameter makes the whole design more accurate for any game you choose to play. 

On the other hand, Rage broadheads can not ensure a better ferrule design than SEVR. 

The same cutting diameter as SEVR brings in better results for Rage. However, Sevr gets ahead in the long run.

Final Verdict

If you search for penetration accuracy, Rage broadheads have to come first in your choice list. Meanwhile, SEVR broadheads can serve your hunting in the long run. And, they commit to staying robust no matter how many times you utilize them. 

This brand also brings better material and ferrule design. Along with that, more straight air flights and less blade-bending after hitting the target will be found in SEVR products.


Do SEVR broadheads fly like field points?

Yes, in two major ways. First is its patented design of pivoting rear-deploy blades to keep the flight straighter and more accurate. As a result, the blades go completely contained when it flies. Surface area reduction is the second one that helps SEVR broadheads improve their flights just like field points.

Are SEVR broadheads barbed?

No, SEVR broadheads are available with a non-barbed blade pattern. It locks open on impact. Featuring a patented lock and pivot rear deployment helps it stay straight throughout the game. This is applicable even if you strike the steep quartering shots with bone.

Do Rage broadheads open in flight?

Yes, blades of Rage broadheads can be opened completely upon impact. As a result, you will watch it creating a giant entrance hole too. Especially, its SlipCam Rear Blade Deployment System makes this action successful.

Why do my broadheads shoot low?

Check if your field tips group is higher than broadheads or not. If yes, your broadhead might shoot low.

Also, the lower arrow rest might cause broadheads to plane lower compared to field tips. Simply put, try to raise the rest slightly and shoot the group again. Check this article on common broadhead flight problems.

Wrap Up

Now you hold a better idea between SEVR broadheads vs Rage broadheads. Pick the best one according to your hunting priority. Hopefully, our article has provided you with better insights to help you in picking!

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