How To Sharpen Muzzy Broadheads? (Step By Step)

My muzzy broadheads are getting a bit difficult for me to sharpen. The blades keep slipping. I’m afraid to have a little accident. How to sharpen muzzy broadheads? 

Muzzy broadheads are not as hard to sharpen as you think. The blades sometimes get too slippery if you don’t hold them with a built-in wrench and try free-handed. Or not sharpening properly can make it troublesome. 

Let’s see what are the easiest steps to sharpen your muzzy broadheads of different models.

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Tools you need

Sharpening a muzzy broadhead requires only a few items that you can afford easily. 

First of all, you’ll need a sharpening jig to sharpen the steel blades that come with woodworking tools. It will leave a fine edge on the blade.

The next thing you must have is several grits of wet or dry sandpaper to remove the surface dust and make it smoother. You’ll also need a piece of plexiglass there. 

And finally a fine or extra fine flat stone where you can complete the sharpening task.

How to sharpen Muzzy broadheads?

Can you sharpen muzzy broadheads on your own? Yes, you can with these simple steps. Have a look –


First of all, take that flat stone on a smooth table at an accurate height. Then hold down the blade edge to be sharpened. 

Try to hold it with a wrench because using your hand can make the blades slip. Or you can have an accident too. 


Hold down the blade as if it remains flat on the stone. And then tip the blade up very slightly just a couple of degrees. So the blade edge is the only part touching the stone. 


While holding this angle constantly push the edge along with the stone about 5 strokes. 

Now turn the blade over and do the same thing on the other side of the blade. Repeat this procedure three to four times continuously. 


Now move the blade one stroke altering sides and introducing the pressure gently as you go. It will minimize the chance of any remaining burrs and leave you with a fine sharp edge. 


Finally, it is to give finishing to our sharpening task. For that, we’re gonna need both wet and dry sandpaper. 

Firstly you have to wipe the blade sides with wet sandpaper. It will remove the extra dust from the blade edge.

Secondly use the dry sandpaper to wipe out the rest and get a smoother broadhead surface.

How Do You Sharpen Muzzy Phantom Broadheads?

Sharpening the muzzy phantom broadheads is comparatively easier than the regular ones.  Here is how to do it- 

Step 1

There is a slight difference between the sharpening of regular and Muzzy Phantom broadheads.  

You need an extra diamond stone here with a pair of wet sandpaper. You will then have to rub the blades on 1200 grifts


Follow the same procedure to sharpen the blade as I’ve mentioned before. Then the smoothening will be done first with the diamond stone. And then wipe it gently with wet sandpaper.


You can create a more smooth edge by using wax. But Don’t apply it directly. Try rubbing it on a light waxy surface. But don’t rub it with extra pressure.

How To Sharpen Muzzy 3-blade broadheads?

Sharpening Muzzy 3-blade broadheads are different as they need a bit of touch-up before starting. Let’s see the procedure-


Take one of your cuts on contact broadhead and place it on a fancy diamond stone. A hardware tool stone will also be okay.  Now start to sharpen the multiple surfaces of the 3 different blades. 

Now mark them with a sharpie so that we can know what point we are rubbing them. You can sharpen 2 surfaces at once.


Put your index finger behind the broad and hold the arrow shaft. Now put pressure forward on the broadhead. Sharpen the tip of the back of the blade like this on each side. 


Then rub them again and just count the strokes. Go for at least 10 and then rotate it to do the same procedure. Then go back the other way for five so that you can take the tooth off the side.

Step 4

However, use a coarse diamond stone so that you can have many serrations in your blade. It will give you a toothy edge that’s still nevertheless very sharp. 

Also, something you need to be aware of is some broadheads are sharpened on the back as well. So that they can pull out the animal they cut as well. So be careful if you sharpen the back too as it becomes overall too sharp. 

How to sharpen muzzy trocar broadheads?

Sharpening the muzzy trocar broadhead is a bit different from the regular ones. Let’s see how you can sharpen the trocar broadheads on your own-


For this one, we need an extra roller to hold the blades. So, first, you’ll take the edge of your blade parallel to the roller. Then start to rub the edges on the 800 grit.

Don’t push down hard cause the weight of your hand is enough for this. 


Now simply just wreck your diamond plates. Then flip over but make sure everything on the other side remains okay. So keep doing it until you get a burr at 800. 


Now create a second burr using the same techniques and this time the burr would also be aimed this way up at 800 grit. 

Once you have 2 burrs at 800 grit you’ll clean up the guide so that you don’t transfer any of the 800 grit to your 1200 grit plate. 


When all the grits are done on the diamond or wet sandpaper, now take a strap and rub it on a flat surface. Rub it in a manner that the strap leaves wax on the surface. 

After that rub your trocar broadheads on that waxy surface and give it the final touch.

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