PSE TAC 15 Crossbow Problems (Including All Other Models)

PSE Tac 15 crossbow scopes are too hard to adjust, right? Sometimes the scopes pop up and just punch our faces. There are several PSE Tac 15 crossbow problems like this. But how to get rid of this trouble?

We often fail to place the scopes properly and they just refuse to adjust. Even the improper loading makes us fail to shoot for 100 yards. There are lots of reasons behind PSE TAC 15 difficulties.

Which one are you facing the most? Or afraid of having any? Don’t worry cause I’ve found all the PSE tac problems and the easiest way out. 

Let’s check!

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List Of PSE Tac 15 Crossbow Problems (With Solutions)

PSE Tac 15, the well-known speed beast has always been the archer’s favorite. But we still face a few problems with it and that is normal. 

See what are the common PSE TAC 15 problems and how you can solve them.

  1. PSE Tac 15 Scope adjustment problem 
  2. 100 yards shooting problem 
  3. Scope rails problem with PSE Tac 15

PSE Tac 15 Scope adjustment problem

My PSE Tac 15 sometimes fails to adjust properly and as a result, they become loose. The reason for this adjustment issue is elevation and drift scope. 

After 200-300 shots they get displaced or jammed. Or improper loading makes them damaged. And unfortunately, we face scope adjustment troubles. 


Inspect all the scope parts after you get adjustment problems. Open up both elevation and drift scopes.

Place them again at an accurate distance and try to tighten them properly. Also, load the arrows properly to avoid this problem. 

100 Yards Shooting Problem

The PSE tac 15 manufacturers say that it can shoot up to 100 yards. But after 200-220 shots it fails to keep the distance. 

The limbs of your crossbow can be damaged after a few uses. And this makes the poor compaction and you fail to shoot up to 100 yards.


The solution is to replace the limbs after every 200 shots of your PSE Tac 15.  It’s surely going to help to shoot 100 yards like the beginning. 

Scope rails problem with PSE Tac 15

Often my PSE TAC 15 scopes rails become too tight to move. And when I try to load it the scopes just pop up. 

I’ve found that this happens when something is stuck between my PSE rails. Or if I fail to pull the trigger with enough force the rails remain tight too.


If you face the same just open up the scopes. Found the dust or broken screw or anything that could be stuck there. And place the parts again to shoot. 

Also, maintain the 5lb force rule while shooting.

What About Other Other PSE Models?

PSE has more models like Fang 350, coalition, and others. Let’s see what problem can arise with them- 

PSE Fang 350 Problems

PSE fang is a popular model and it also has some problems. Here are some of the common fang 350 problems archers face the most.

  1. PSE Fang 350 Speed Issue 

PSE Fang 350 is one of the fastest PSE series. But the speed gets too hard to control sometimes.

And if you are a new archer and don’t know how to tackle backward force then it’s more difficult.


You don’t want to return your PSE 350 right? Then don’t. Just borrow a speed adjuster and place it on the strings. And the speed will be easy to control.

  1. PSE Fang crank coming off 

Our PSE Fang crank often comes off when we try to load the arrows. And It’s quite common.

They are not so flexible and hard to keep in control. That’s why we struggle to place them and they suddenly come off.


They are a bit rough to adjust so I suggest you use a rubber adjuster and then try to load. This will help you to control them while loading or unloading.  Only shoot when the cranks are placed properly on point.

PSE Coalition crossbow problems

The coalition is a well-known crossbow from PSE. I’m going to show you all the issues Coalition shows and come up with solutions in this section.

PSE Coalition arrow popping of the strings

Are the strings popping off while shooting? And hitting your face suddenly? It happens because the string arrow distance is not maintained properly.

Also, I’ve noticed that if I leave the strings twisted after one shot, the string pops out in the next shot. 


While loading, always checks the string-arrow distance. Don’t load until they are placed accordingly. 

Another solution is to check the strings after every shot. Straighten them if they get twisted.

PSE Viper SS problems

Viper is an all in all crossbow model from PSE that offers auto safety, trigger, and all other functionality. Here are some of the problems I found PSE viper shows, I’ll show them and come up with a solution.

PSE Viper sight-in issue

Sometimes the PSE Viper is too hard to sight in or it becomes impossible. 

It’s because the scopes are not mounted correctly or they are loose.  Sometimes the scopes are damaged that you can’t see through the naked eye. 


You have to unload your crossbow first. And then remove all the scopes. Then place them again and tighten them very carefully.

And then try a practice shoot to ensure the sight in question is gone. If not then you need to bring new scopes for better sight. 

PSE TAC Specification

PSE Tac is always on our favorite list for its speed and accuracy. It’s such a powerful crossbow that has a 405-grain arrow. It can shoot up to 450 fps and that’s rare.

What amuses me the most is that It produces 155ft/lb kinetic energy with Its 26.25″ arrows. If you are a speed pro then PSE TAC is the one for you. 

PSE Tac 15 Crossbow Price and where to buy?

PSE TAC 15 comes with lots of amazing features and costs only $1,299 which is a great deal.

You can get PSE crossbows from amazon and from PSE’s official store.

Check PSE Crossbow Pricing on Amazon

Are PSE Crossbows Any Good?

PSE crossbows have so many specifications that you rarely find in others. Like 2-7x 32mm long scope at this affordable price and four line reticles.

And their soft bow case and bolts practice points make them worth the money.


Where are PSE crossbows made?

PSE was founded by Pete Shepley and all of them are made in Tucson, Arizona.

Is PSE tac 15 discontinued?

PSE tac 15 is discontinued for now. This is a recall to modify the speed and power issues.

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