Bushnell Wireless Trophy Cam Problems (Solved)

I can’t take pictures with my Bushnell Trophy cam at night. They give blurry images. Even the display is blank sometimes. Why is it happening? 

Well, sometimes we forget to set an IR filter before night shoots. And our SD card can get damaged or maybe the holder is faulty! Installing IR and fixing the display is enough here.

But what about other issues? Check out all the Bushnell Trophy cam problems and solutions that you can do on your own.

List of Bushnell Trophy Cam Problems (With solutions)

Here is the list of problems and solutions. Have a look!

  1. Nighttime grainy pictures 
  2. Bushnell Trophy Cam battery suddenly stops  
  3. Bushnell Trophy Cam display not working

Night Time Grainy Pictures

Sometimes Bushnell Trophy gives clear pictures during the day but grainy pictures at night. When you turn on the night vision it shows a blurry or blank display.

It is because setting up or focusing is hard in the dark. Also, the cam can not detect the subject properly.


Bring an IR filter and place it in the cam.  Adjust the cam and set it at 850 or 900 nanometers infrared filter and screw it in the end.

Now you’ll get a clear nighttime view with your Bushnell Trophy cam.

Bushnell Trophy Cam battery suddenly stops

Bushnell Trophy cam Battery sometimes acts funny. Like it stops suddenly or turns-on on its own.

It happens because there are blue or white metal powders jammed on the connection of both sides.


Open up the Battery case and put it on a plate. Take some weight distilled vinegar and some q-tips. Now dip the q-tip in the vinegar and let it soak. Then start wiping all the middle pieces of the battery case.

Dip the q-tip again for a long time and then wipe the springs. Let plenty of vinegar run through it. Now let it dry and place the battery.

Bushnell Trophy Cam display not working

When you put your SD card into it does the display shut down? Or does it just show a blank display? You may get a blue light or purple light on the back while having a blank display. 

It happens because the SD card point is faulty or dirty. Or the display itself can be damaged or unable to work. 


  1. First of all, turn off the setup and pull out the SD card. 
  2. Then shut down the cam and blow into the card reader slot. So that the dirt or obstacles can go off. 
  3. Do this procedure 3-4 times.
  4. Now put the SD card back into it and turn the setup on. This time it will light up and show an SD card sign on the display. 

And your Bushnell Trophy Cam LCD Problem is solved! If not then you must replace your Liquid Crystal Display. 

Bushnell trophy cam battery problems

The battery is a common issue with Bushnell trophy cameras. In this section, I’ll discuss the trophy cam’s battery issues!

Bushnell Trophy Cam Battery Installment Issue

Sometimes we can put the batteries into the holder or the batteries pop out from the case.

We fail to install the batteries because of the uneven springs. They are loose or give too much juggling that we can’t put the batteries into them. 


Remove the battery case and fix the springs with a tiny screwdriver. Put it in a manner that they remain in even rings and don’t pull the batteries much.

Or you can remove the springs and place some new ones on both sides. This would work better.

How long do trail cam batteries last?

Our Trail cameras will shoot up to 15,800-20,000 photos with one set of batteries. They can last for 8-12 months with proper care. 

But some factors can affect the battery longevity like shooting video with it, putting rechargeable batteries, odd temperatures, Night Time shooting without Ian R filter, etc. 

Why is my trail cam not taking pictures at night?

The most common reason behind a trail camera not taking pictures at night is using poor alkaline batteries. 

Alkaline batteries have a water-based electrode that creates a chemical reaction to power the cams. 

When the temperature gets cold those chemical reactions slow down and that decreases cams voltage output. As a result, your trail cam can’t take pictures at night. 

Why has my trail camera stopped working?

Your trail camera can stop working for many reasons. The most common are the battery and the  SD card. Check your battery and inserts. 

The broken parts can also cause minor difficulties that later stop the cams. Also, any kind of water damage and taking nighttime pictures without an IR filter can be reasons here. 

Can trail cameras be repaired?

Yes, you can repair the damaged or faulty parts of your trail cameras. Like the SD card and batteries are the reason for most of the miseries. You can easily replace them. You don’t even need to contact any dealer. 

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