Swhacker Vs Rage? (Differences and Winner)

Comparing among different broadhead types? No matter what your research is, Rage and Swhacker broadheads will pop up in the first place. 

But sweet confusion arises, which one sails your hunting journey more fruitfully? That’s where our analysis comes in.

So, what are the key differences between the Swhacker vs Rage broadhead? In terms of penetration accuracy, Rage broadheads are far ahead of Swhacker. However, the Rage brand can’t afford to get a larger cutting diameter. On the other hand, Swhacker broadheads get your blades barely bent after shooting at animals. 

That’s just the short summary of the whole thing. We will explain which mechanical broadhead can be an ideal pick for you. Till then, stick with us to dig the answer out.

Swhacker Vs Rage: Bird’s Eye View

Before moving on to an in-depth discussion, we feel showing you a quick overview is necessary. 

Comparing FactorsSwhacker BroadheadRage Broadhead
Number of Blades1-3 Mostly1-4
Weight125 to 150 grains100 to 125 grains
Penetration AccuracyAverageFar Better
Blade BendingBarely OccurringOften Happening
Entry Hole RangeSmallerBigger
Exit Hole RangeAverageBigger
Cutting DiameterMostly 2-2.5 inches, could be 3 inches tooAround 2 inches

But chances are low to rely only on this tip of the iceberg. So, here we dive deep in! 

Swhacker Vs Rage Broadhead: In-Depth Comparison

Finally, here’s all that you are looking for!


As soon as you talk about broadhead’s weight, achieving the ideal front of the center comes first place. 

Being a bowhunter, you need to maintain it for its role in getting better arrow penetration. The front of the center is the weight percentage of your arrow located in its front half.

For better results on this, shooting with 100 to 125 grains of broadheads is the most effective. In the meantime, a broadhead’s weight generally ranges from around 75 to 150 grains.

While Swhacker comes with 125 to 150-grain mostly, Rage can serve 100 to even 125-grain blades. Especially, for carbon and lightweight aluminum shafts, 100 gr is considered ideal.

Meanwhile, Are heavier broadheads just a waste of money?

Well, they might be the reason behind your better-accelerated and speedy shots while hunting. 

However, these will put you in a struggle to find the right momentum. Also, penetrating at the point of impact won’t be worthy enough through these broadheads. 

Heavier broadheads might perform better with giant arrows. Except this, we suggest taking no heavier broadheads further.


Without examining with your naked eyes, convincing is tough. 

For penetration testing, we have brought a 20-gallon plastic barrel. 

Perhaps, vehicle wheels can also accomplish it nicely. Let’s keep our distance at least 15 yards far from the target barrel. 

Let’s fast-forward it- what we have seen is both Rage and Swhacker broadheads went through the barrel from one side to another. If we measure Rage, its blades were slightly bent even though they surpassed the barrel. 

Meanwhile, Swhacker came with more accurate penetration which had gone far. 

However, different broadhead models of Rage ensure pinpoint accuracy in penetration coming with a leading edge pattern. 

But in terms of bending issues, the Rage brand lacks a bit. Meanwhile, Swhacker will stay straight no matter how thick the target is! 

Entry and Exit Holes

Each broadhead produces holes at the target that measures the impact area too. Trying out shooting at barrels like before or maybe wheels is effective to find the result. 

We have found Rage broadheads making an impact of 2 inches in the entry hole. Meanwhile, this brand creates more than 2 inches hole during the exit. 

On the other hand, Swhacker broadheads bring less impact on the entry hole, only 1 inch. However, its exit hole impacts almost 2 inches. And remember, this test is valid when you shoot from 15 yards distant to a barrel. 

Here’s a lesson:

Always focus on the entry hole’s impact. The more it will be, the better. Killing is the primary target, not just getting to the farthest. Also, sizing of the cutting diameter will decide whether your arrow goes through the ribs, and lungs successfully or not.


Swhacker broadheads provide broad tips made of hardened steel. Anything including fat, muscle, and bone layers can get completely split through this type of blade. 

The retained momentum of this brand bears the energy required to form a massive entrance. And yes, the exit hole leads to having clear blood trails each time you hunt.

Rage broadheads also fly very accurately and leave massive damage. It mostly introduces chisel blade types in its different broadheads. This special tip ensures bone-busting power. 

Getting another exclusive hybrid tip also increases the penetration range. Definitely, you can rely on this brand for its legendary wound channels.


Each broadhead brand has something different and special to offer. If you want penetration accuracy and more speed in hunting, then Rage is recommended.

Meanwhile, Swhacker won’t cause any blade bending issues. Swhacker’s cutting diameter is also bigger, Rage steals the winner spot through its better hole impact though.

Overall, we suggest going for Rage broadheads. And this one is my particular favorite.  


How can I line up a two-blade Swhacker broadhead with my fletching?

Most users of swhacker broadheads usually line them up vertically. However, this is completely an individual preference. Till your bow is good to go and finely tuned, how the fletching lines up with the head is not crucial.

Does a mechanical broadhead fly better than a fixed head?

Yes, mechanical broadheads offer more extensive cutting diameters than fixed ones. These can also shoot precisely like field points. Generally, hunters prefer mechanical broadheads for their better flying characteristics.

Can I reuse Swhacker broadheads?

Definitely, you can! Swhacker broadhead blades are quite long-lasting. One set of Swhacker mechanical broadhead blades is enough to hunt several animals. 

But yes, the result completely depends on its shooting impact and how efficiently it can pass through density. We suggest sharpening the blades after every use to keep their durability higher.

Do the Swhacker Broadhead blades lock into position after opening?

No, the Swhacker Broadhead blades don’t. This brand comes with a popular Blade-Lock Technology that allows these blades to be locked in the closed position.

As a result, you can practice with your perfectly-matched broadhead in the field.

Final Words

That’s all from our end regarding Swhacker vs Rage. Hopefully, you can differentiate between them better than anytime before. 

Happy hunting!

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