2 Mathews Integrate Rest Problems [Reasons and Fixes]

Competing in a tournament and ended up having your arrow rest issues? In Particular, Mathews’ rests bring some problems so commonly. I’ll focus on that! 

So, what are the main Mathews integrate rest problems? The main problem is related to the adjustment knob failure. Also, you might find the black plate falling off your bow! Utilizing the arrow rest for a long time might end up having these issues.

But that’s not everything. Worry not, I’ll explain all of the problems with spelling out the proper solution! 

Quick Table Of Mathews Integrate Rest Problems and Fixes

Before digging into the Mathews integrate rest problems deeper, you need to identify them with quick fix suggestions! Let’s get them sorted in the table below!

Mathews Integrate Rest ProblemsFixes
Adjustment knob failureTaking off all three Allen wrenches
Black plate falls off the bowLack of adhesiveness of the glue
Mathews Integrate Rest Problems

Got a quick essence from the chart. Hopefully, you won’t have any confusion like now once I finish spelling out the Mathews integrate rest problems in detail! So, let’s get on board to expand the answers from the next section.

Common Mathews Integrate Rest Problems And How To Fix Them!

Now, I’ll show you some common rest problems of Matthews.

Problem 1: Adjustment Knob Failure

Issues regarding getting the elevation micro knob to lock down are quite problematic. You might face the horizontal knob locking down during tightening the Allen bolt on the arrow rest arm. And, you can’t even turn it! The same scenario can take place with your vertical adjustment too.


You can’t turn on the horizontal or vertical knob unless Allen’s head is eased properly. So, make sure you do that on the launcher arm. 

How To Fix:

You might find three Allen wrenches there. One comes for the rest arm to regulate the micro-adjustment, and one for the cover. Taking off the cover or unscrewing the giant Allen head is the first approach to fix. 

Along with that, detach another small Allen head under there. This head usually attaches to the dovetail mount which is tightened down already. 

Problem 2: Black Plate Falls Off From The Bow

You’ll see a robust black plate situated behind the arrow rest. It can fall off suddenly! You need to know how to fix this!


Utilizing the arrow rest so often might result in a black plate of the rest falling off! Also, a lack of stickiness intercepts your smooth shooting experience by forcing the plate to fall down.

How To Fix:

Bring some double-sided sticky or foam tape. These can ensure stronger adhesive. With the help of these adhesives, you need to join the front and back faces together. As a result, they won’t twist again one over the other further.


Is Hoyt or Mathews better?

Hoyt bows shoot smoother. Also, in terms of experience, Hoyt is more mature and way ahead of Matthews. This brand knows every nitty-gritty of the bowing industry. Durability also makes the overall performance of Hoyt exceptional.

Is the Mathews V3X worth it?

Mathews V3X is considered the most accurate bow while notching an excellent score of 20 out of 20. It can shoot accurately at relatively short axle-to-axle lengths. As a result, you don’t have to give up any bit of accuracy.

Which way can I shim a right tear cam?

Moving your cam in the tear’s direction is always right while repositioning. Move the cam to the right if you find the tail-end of your arrow rips goes to the right!

And, the left directory will be vice versa. With shimming, your task is to adjust the spacer thickness from cam’s one part to another.

Final Words

Now you know what are the key Mathews integrates rest problems! Hopefully, you can fix them easily from now on.

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