Solving the Most Common Horton Vision 175 Problems

Couldn’t figure out how to escape from ongoing issues of your favorite Vision crossbow?

I know countless people like you out there who don’t find the solution instantly! 

I’ll be showing you all how you can get rid of this if you pin some common phenomena in your head! 

So, what are the Horton Vision 175 problems? The main problems are string failure and shooting inconsistency. Finding strings behaving unusually may result in self risks too! This tool might hit you in the face if you are not aware! Also, lack of consistency requires following the maintenance again! 

Are you satisfied with the solutions yet? Not really! So, let’s proceed to get the solutions in detail!

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Quick Table Of Horton Vision 175 Problems and Fixes

Problems coming from this crossbow can be overwhelming! Don’t worry, let’s go through a quick overview of these problems. Afterward, when you go to fix them, things will seem easier and effortless.

Horton Vision 175 ProblemsFixes
String FailureUtilize moon nocks
Shooting InconsistencyRe-do maintenance and wax it

Caught any ideas from this table? If not, my next segment is dedicated to you! So, let me begin!  

Common Horton Vision 175 Problems And How To Fix Them!

And finally, here is what you mostly need to see! By the end of this, you get a clear view of how to fix the key Horton Vision 175 problems!

Problem 1: String Failure

When you pull the trigger, you might face string failures. Especially, if you snap on the left flank, it can hit you at completely the opposite- right side!


A dry fire or partial dry fire is the reason behind this issue! Also, you may lack proper arrow positioning.

How To Fix:

Utilizing moon nocks is ideal to prevent a dry fire situation. Also, focus on bow maintenance and check if the carbon arrows fail! You need to cock your crossbow too. And, keep rotating the arrow carefully.

This approach ensures the fitting of the moon nocks properly. While installing, make sure to keep the arrow placed in the right zone. And, use all four “E” clips stored on the Horton crossbows.

Problem 2: Shooting Inconsistency

During a competition or regular hunting, inconsistency in shooting is very problematic. And, shots won’t be hitting targets as per your assumption! 


Lack of regular maintenance can make your Horton crossbow inconsistent.

How To Fix:

Always ensure that your crossbow is uncocked before conducting any maintenance steps.

  • First of all, check thoroughly if any damaged, worn, loose, or missing parts are found!
  • Then, apply a liberal amount of wax and burnish or rub it into the string and cables only.
  • Also, apply a small drop of lube on each rail side. 
  • Now, spread it along the barrel with your fingers. 
  • Apply a light coat of wax to the draw cord.


  • Always use a high-quality lubricant
  • Utilize a Lithium 2032 watch battery


Is Horton a good crossbow?

Yes, and Horton’s X bows come out with more than 300 fps capability. These excellent hunting crossbows are made for bigger games and tournaments.

You will find 20-inch bolts suitable for these bows. In the meantime, almost every model from Horton is more than 8 lbs which can be a setback.

How powerful is a 175 lb crossbow?

Crossbows with 175 lbs weight are quite handy to assemble and robust at the same time. You can accelerate shots for up to 360 fps maximum with them!

If you are up for wild boar or hunting games, this is the ideal product. You can utilize it with a bandolier too.

What grain arrow should I shoot Horton’s crossbow?

Most crossbow professional hunters prefer shooting the arrow in the standard-weight range of 400 to 460 grains.

You should do shooting with Horton’s crossbow in this manner too. As a result, gaining a higher amount of kinetic energy will be possible.

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