Two Common EZV Bow Sight Problems! [How to Fix]

If you want accurate shots, a bow sight is a must need! But facing different issues out of this circular housing full of pins is quite annoying. I can relate to that! In this article, I’ll try to uncover the causes behind these problems and how to fix them properly!

So, what are the key EZV bow sight problems? The main problem of the EZV bow sight indicates a lack of bow tuning from the user. Also, you need to carefully unlock the sight. The imperfection of this step leads to an adjustment shortage. 

I have just started unfolding different issues related to the EZV bow sight. But that’s not all! You will see things in detail in the upcoming section! So, let’s get in there!

Quick Table Of EZV Bow Sight Problems and Fixes

Before exploring the actual EZV bow sight problems in detail, let’s have them within a chart!

EZV Bow Sight ProblemsFixes
Adjustment ShortageError while unlocking the bow sight
Bottomed Out Bow SightLack of tuning of the bow 
EZV Bow Sight Problems

Got an essence of how these problems can affect your shooting experience? Worry not, I’ll expand the answers from the next section.

Common EZV Bow Sight Problems And How To Fix Them!

Now, it’s time to discover the common EZV bow sight problems!

Problem 1: Adjustment Shortage

Any bow sight you choose might end up having an adjustment shortage. EZV sights are not the different ones!


Error while unlocking the bow sight plays a vital role in poor adjustment. 

How To Fix:

To adjust the EZV bow sight, you need to unlock it firsthand. As a result, the locknut will pop up. Now, try to move the sight toward the target’s error. Wanna shoot to the right? 

Then, you can move the sight to the right as well! Similarly, move the sight downward while you shoot low. 

In the meantime, check the peep height and arrow rest height. Then, you should find the nocking point position. 

Along with that, cam timing, and center shot checkings are also vital. How you can paper-tune the bow also matters in order to adjust the sight well.

Problem 2: Bottomed Out Bow Sight

Fixing this issue can be very overwhelming and challenging. Especially, trying this out for the first time is really tougher to fix. 


A lack of tuning of the bow might result in this situation. Also, many users avoid checking the nocking position which can force the EZV bow sight bottomed out. 

But experts mainly indicate your new purchase of EZV bow sight can lead to this situation. Having improper bow settings and experimenting with your new bow through various arrows play a strong role.

How To Fix:

As an archer, you might have a couple of options relying on the setup and anchor. The easy thing is to bring the sight bar as much closer as possible to you. 

Another option concerns changing the setup such as advancing poundage. Also, you can run lighter arrows. Get the arrows lighter by changing the points. 


What is the easiest bow sight to use?

You might find the Trophy Ridge React Pro much more reliable, accurate, and easy to use. Also, this easy-setup bow sight comes with 4 mounting positions. You have three options including 3, 5, and 7-pin models while buying this sight.

How does EZV bow sight work?

EZ V Bow Sight utilizes V-technology which eradicates the need for ranging distance before aiming. Also, gauge distance before aiming and shooting stay accurate as human error isn’t involved here. As a result, your chances of getting accurate shot placement increase!

How does a 3-pin sight work?

For example, among all 3 pins, you can aim one pin at a yardage of 10 yards. Another two pins can be aimed at 20 and 30 yards. So, you can actually utilize every pin to aim at a distinct distance. And, the yardage distances are positioned as per your choice.

Final Words

Now you know exactly why and how EZV bow sight problems take place! I hope that this article will help you fix relevant problems in many ways. 

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