Thumb Release Vs Trigger Release (Let’s Discuss)

Regarding firearms, there are two main types of releases: thumb release and trigger release. Trigger release aids in pulling back on the bow’s drawstring to release an arrow from the bow. 

This is generally done with a thumb but can also be done with a trigger. Thumb release is dependent more on muscle coordination and less on using a trigger.

Which release is better? Many archers believe the thumb release method is more relaxing and helps improve accuracy. But trigger release has become increasingly popular because it’s more consistent and straightforward. Thumb release is the older release style, while trigger release is more common today.

However, that’s not the end of the debate here, read the comparison between thumb release vs trigger release to unravel everything you need to know on this topic.

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What Is Thumb And Trigger Finger Release In Archery?

Archery is a sport in which shooters shoot arrows at targets. One of the essential aspects of archery is the thumb and tri, and this release. This is a simple mechanism that allows archers to fire their arrows.

Thumb and trigger release in archery is pulling the bowstring back to loading the bow and letting go of the arrow. This is generally done with one hand and two hands, depending on the archer’s grip.

Thumb and trigger release is an essential aspect of archery because it enables archers to quickly and easily shoot their arrows. 

Thumb release is when you squeeze the thumb button on the bow to release the arrow. Trigger release is when you pull the bowstring back to fire the arrow.

Thumb release vs trigger release: Which one is the better release aid?

Trigger-release archery is the more popular style of archery. The bow is held in your hand and pulled back until the bowstring touches your finger, at which point you let go of this string. This causes the arrow to be released and shot.

Trigger release allows the archer to keep their fingers wrapped around the bow’s grip rather than letting go of the bowstring with their thumb. Whereas with the release of the thumb, the archer can easily and quickly release the arrow from the bow. 

Thumb release archery involves holding the bow with your trigger finger on the string beside the arrow nock. You then draw back to the release point and let go of the string.

This feature is an excellent convenience for those new to archery, as it eliminates the need to hold down the bowstring with one hand while drawing the bow with the other. Additionally, this method allows for more accurate shooting since relying on muscle memory is not needed.

Thumb release is an essential feature of modern archery, allowing the bow to be drawn smoothly and effortlessly. It is essential for efficient shooting and can distinguish between a successful hunt and a failure.

Why Is A Thumb Release Better?

Bowyers have long debated the merits of thumb release versus trigger thumb release for archery. 

While both methods can produce good shots, proponents of thumb release argue that it is more efficient and allows for a smoother release. This is because your fingers are not restricted by the bowstring’s tension when you release the arrow. 

Does a thumb release make you more accurate?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the accuracy of shooters, with finger placement being one of the most hotly contested topics. A new study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology suggests that those who use a thumb release technique to load their bow are more accurate than those who don’t.

In the study, groups of people were given an accuracy test with either a thumb release or a trigger release method.

Thumb release bows are considered the best bow form because they offer a more consistent and precise shot. The thumb release system releases the bowstring with your thumb, reducing the chance of an error in your shot.

Does a thumb release Change draw length?

Draw length is a topic that can be confusing for many shooters. Many believe that a thumb release changes the draw length, but this is not always the case. A thumb release can change the amount of energy transferred to the bowstring, but it will not change your draw length.

What kind of release is best for hunting?

In hunting, there are many kinds of releases from which to choose. Some hunters prefer a quick, instantaneous release to bring down their prey as quickly as possible, while others enjoy a more relaxed and gradual approach that allows them to track and take their time with their prey.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you on what format will suit you best.

Each release type has its own advantages and disadvantages that need to be weighed before making a buying decision. For example, a trigger release is typically more straightforward than a thumb release, but the thumb is more accurate.

But, if you like to take my suggestions, I would suggest three releases:

What release do most pro archers use?

Archers have different preferences when it comes to bow releases. Some shooters prefer a traditional mechanical release, while others might prefer an electronic release. Most pro archers use a thumb release for their triggers. This type of release is simple to use and allows shooters to fire more quickly and accurately.

How to use a thumb release?

An index finger release is the simplest way to shoot an arrow. Place your index finger over the bowstring just behind the nock. Then, downhill on the string with your finger. 

This will cause the arrow to be released. To use a trigger thumb release, place your thumb on top of the bowstring just behind the nock and pull back until the string is released.

Here I am sharing a video link to learn how to use a thumb release in archery, and you will get more knowledge about it.

This video explains how to thumb trigger release an arrow

Where should my anchor point be with a thumb release?

The thumb should be placed at the base of the index finger, with the palm facing away from the body. When the thumb is pushed down, it releases energy that can be used in an attack. Finding the right spot to place your anchor point with this technique is essential to generating maximum power.

What is the difference between back tension and thumb release?

Regarding archery, there are a few key terms that can be confusing. One of these is thumb release and back tension. In general, thumb release refers to using your thumb to let go of the bowstring, while back pressure refers to the force exerted on your hand from the bowstring.



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