TenPoint Viper S400 vs Vengent S440

What Tenpoint can offer for your shooting is in your acknowledgement already unless you’re a newcomer in the archery field. Tenpoint Viper s400 and Vengent s440- both bring something special and unique! But which one gets your money’s worth properly? 

Well, you’re in the right place then! In this article, I’ll show you how to dissect all the key features between them! By the end of this, you’ll be knowing which one you should go for!

So, TenPoint Viper S400 vs Vengent S440- which crossbow is better? In terms of speed, TenPoint Vengent S440 is the clear winner with gaining around 440 fps! In the meantime, this crossbow also holds a better power stroke of 14 inches. As a result, shooting accuracy and precision is better here! On the other hand, TenPoint Viper S400 comes lightweight. It has smaller sizing so that shooting at compact areas won’t create any inconvenience.

Still, finding the difference a bit complicated? Worry not, here I’ll explain each differentiable factor between these two crossbows. So, let’s get started!

Comparison Of The Specs Between TenPoint Viper S400 vs Vengent S440

So, here’s the sneak peak of the major specs worth comparison side by side.

FeaturesTenPoint Viper s400Vengent s440
Speed400 FPS440 FPS
Kinetic Energy135 ft. lbs166 ft. lbs
Power Stroke11 inches14 inches
Width (Cocked)7.2 inches5.8 inches
Width (Uncocked)11 inches11 inches
Length Sizing32 inches35 inches

In Depth Comparison: TenPoint Viper s400 vs Vengent s440


Sizing or the total length of a crossbow matters a lot while you figure out better shooting accuracy and handling! See, TenPoint Viper s400 crossbows come 32 inches in length which is smaller than a 35 inches long Vengent s440! 

As a result, you can expect a broader axle-to-axle distance in the Viper crossbows. Meanwhile, its more extended power stroke is a useful feature too. If you explore better stability just like every other user, then the Viper s400 will surely provide you with that. 

For its bigger sizing, it can yield more power and quicker arrow speeds too. However, in terms of gaining maneuverability, longer ones like the Viper s400 are problematic. Also, you’ve to struggle a lot to utilize them in tighter areas. 

Power Stroke

Basically, the power stroke determines how much time the string of the crossbow is connected with the arrow. While the TenPoint Viper s400 comes with 11 inches stroke, you’ll see an extensive power stroke of 14 inches available in the Vengent s440 crossbows. 

So, Vengent crossbows can generate more speed and kinetic energy. Relevantly, chances of getting accurate shots as well as better penetration are higher.  As a result, it may bring you better results when you’re shooting at longer distances. 

At the same time, larger power strokes might cause the crossbow to feel a little bit weightier. So, cocking the arrow is tougher compared to the TenPoint Viper s400. 


Both the Vengent s440 and Viper s400 offer higher precision of shooting and accuracy on point. But here’s my observation- Vengent s440 might contain a small edge in accuracy as it can accelerate more speed. 

You’ll find here a more limited width with advanced technology. It also employs ACUslide which is a silent cocking and decocking process. As a result, more accuracy errors get terminated. 

Meanwhile, its high-quality, EVO-X Marksman Elite scope is absent in the Viper s400. So, expecting the Viper to be narrower, and lightweight isn’t practical.


You already know which one has the better speed, don’t you? Well, buying a faster crossbow is mandatory for various reasons. Among them, I generally admire the potential of better penetration and greater injury to the target. 

With a slower or average crossbow, you can’t execute damage at a quicker period. If you’re very far from the target, average speedy crossbows can’t assure you whether the target has been dismissed successfully or not! In the meantime, the weather isn’t in your hands. 

You may face more windy situations unexpectedly which brings more trouble to hitting down the target. But a faster crossbow is reliable in cases like this.

Is the TenPoint Viper s400 crossbow worth the money?

The TenPoint Viper s400 is a high-quality modern crossbow coming lightweight and compact. Maneuvering this is quite straightforward. 

Having a micro-trac barrel, the T5 trigger makes it superior and accurate. On top of these, gaining a bit more speed could make it an overall standard crossbow! 

Along with that, Viper manufacturers can accelerate the power stroke so that this model can outperform other crossbows as well! However, as of now, buying this TenPoint Viper s400 is still a good deal worth of money!

Are Vengent s440 crossbows any good?

As the name suggests, the Vengent s440 can go up to 440 fps which is massive! Also, you’ll be amazed to see its advanced technologies. One of them is the silent cocking and decocking system which can be barely found on other high-quality crossbows. 

Meanwhile, the pricing of this crossbow is quite reasonable. Handling it is easier for beginners as well. Apart from these, Vengent comes with a larger bow which helps to generate more accuracy. So yes, Vengent s440 has many things to offer for your decent shooting experience indeed. 


Is there a 500 fps crossbow?

Yes, the Ravin brand comes with its R500 model offering almost 500 fps. This is equally ideal for beginners and professional hunters. Ravin brings legendary technology which enables the Hex loop cam system. As a result, the cams get rotated with a 360 degrees range. And you get the most accurate, quickest shots while having the most compact designs of a crossbow.

Are guns better than bows?

It’s a debatable question but usually modern firearms or guns carry better range than bows. Meanwhile, the efficiency of guns and bows depends on individuals too. If you need a shorter range to execute shooting, bows are equally compatible with any guns and pistols. 

How far will a 400 fps crossbow shoot?

Usually, a 400 fps crossbow can shoot a bolt to almost 5000 feet. But to gain this result, you need to shoot at 45 degree of angle. If your crossbow is completely level, you can shoot almost 240 feet with it.

How far will a 400 fps crossbow shoot?

Usually, a 400 fps crossbow can shoot a bolt to almost 5000 feet. But to gain this result, you need to shoot at 45 degree of angle. If your crossbow is completely level, you can shoot almost 240 feet with it.

What is the quietest 400 fps crossbow?

The Siege RS410 is considered the quietest hunting crossbow available currently. This compact bow can generate some serious speed for shooting up to 410 feet per second. If you utilize the EVO-X CenterPunch16 carbon arrow here, the RS410 can come up with a better result.

What is the lightest crossbow in the world?

Wicked Ridge M-370 crossbows made in the United States weigh only 5.8 pounds. In the meantime, the overall weight of the maximum modern crossbows nowadays stays between 6 to 8 pounds. Being the lightest crossbow holds some drawbacks where generating low speed is the key one.

Which is stronger; crossbow or bow?

If you consider the overall power, the crossbow is always the winner. Also, crossbows can shoot larger projectiles at a quicker speed. However, in terms of portability, you’ll find out the bow is more convenient. Basically, both parts are vital while you shoot but crossbows are always stronger and more sensitive. 

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