Rage vs Grim Reaper Broadheads: Unfolding The Winner!

From my experience, mechanicals like Rage, and Grim Reaper always back me in hunting. Meanwhile, could you have guessed exactly why you went for picking mechanical broadheads? 

If yes, then which factor do you prioritize, and which brand to choose from? We have answers to spell out.

So, what are the key differences between Rage vs Grim Reaper broadheads? The main difference between Rage and Grim Reaper broadheads is the cutting diameter. Three-bladed Grim Reaper brings a smaller cutting surface while Rage accurately intercepts the target. With the help of a hybrid tip, Rage broadheads come with better shooting accuracy. And, they can penetrate better and more deeply.

In this article, you will get to see more of these, in-depth insights that enable you in buying the right broadhead for you!

So make sure you keep reading!

Rage vs Grim Reaper Broadheads: A Quick Glimpse

What if we head to have a quick overview? Look at the factors, keep them memorizing, and you will discover more facts on these.

Compared FactorsRage BroadheadsGrim Reaper Broadheads
Shooting AccuracyMore accurate with a hybrid tipAccurate
Draining BloodFasterSlower
Blades Count23
Cutting DiameterLarger (Equal or more than 2 inches)Smaller
Blood TrailProfuseAverage
Difference between Rage vs Grim reaper Broadheads

Got some hints? But hold on, a long way to go before coming to a decision!

Rage vs Grim Reaper Broadheads: Detailed Comparison

Now, let’s explore an in-depth discussion of these factors for your better understanding. 

Shooting Accuracy

Both of them are mechanical, so they contain far better accuracy than fixed blade broadheads. Depending on the proper tuning of the bow and arrows, field point accuracy with almost each Grim Reaper broadhead is expected. 

But is this the ultimate satisfaction? Reality arises some concerning issues here. Though Grim Reaper broadheads bring top-notch accuracy, you should learn that long-distance shooting might not bring you the same result. 

So, no matter how similar it is to field points, hitting at the wrong place often happens! Also, the practice head can not feel you the same as accurately as it should! 

Even if you use the actual broadhead a couple of times, each shot might go in different directions. So, you can not consider them good in a grouping. In the meantime, Rage broadheads maximize the overall accuracy through their hybrid tip. 

Getting hassle-free blade replacement support makes the shooting accuracy long-lasting and consistent in performance.

Cutting Holes And Wounding

Just like the shooting accuracy, you need to find how broad the hole cut is when your broadhead hits the target. Let’s do a quick and simple task for that! We consider two jugs made of plastic containing water as the target. 

Behind it, place a box marked with centered spots. Get assistance from someone expert who can shoot with you at the same time. Once you both hit the two jugs with Rage and Grim Reaper broadheads, what could be happening? 

Well, both of these mechanical broadheads will pass the jug comfortably and hit the bullseye in the box. But look, there is an inevitable difference you can’t unsee. The jug hit by the Grim Reaper broadhead will drain water faster. 

So, does it represent better wounding? 

Yes, and at the same time, holes created by shooting are larger in this brand. The entry hole might bring an inch of penetration from Grim Reaper while the exit hole can be around 2 inches or more. 

In the meantime, Rage broadheads can penetrate 1 inch or less than that on the entry hole. Along with that, 2 inches represent the maximum penetration length of it in the exit zone. 

Sometimes, this length might get shortened. And already you have seen Grim Reaper is tested faster in draining too. Now, it makes sense behind faster draining, doesn’t it?

Try to have the Grim Reaper for quick wounding. In the meantime, Rage can not go past the Grim Reaper. And, the exit wound is smaller too.


Did we miss something? Yes, penetration quality also matters when you decide to buy broadheads. Well, penetration basically decides how deeper your broadhead can go. 

Usually, mechanicals or expandable broadheads are not that suitable to hunt bigger animals like elk. If you dig into the reason behind it more, penetration is the impactor.

However, apart from most of the mechanicals, relying on Rage or Grim Reaper is not a bad idea at all. But there’s a slight difference between them! 

Go through a broadhead test hitting blades on a rock-solid block and you will find-

Rage broadheads go deeper than a Grim Reaper. 

Containing a steeper blade angle helps in better penetration for this brand. Also, the smaller cutting diameters can enter the body too fast even before animals could speculate. 

Interestingly, Rage goes inside the target so well and so far while containing lower draw weights. 

On the other hand, the three-bladed broadheads of Grim Reaper do not provide as higher penetration as the two-bladed Rage. However, Grim Reaper brings 33% more cuts compared to Rage due to having one extra blade. 

Final Verdict

In terms of cutting holes and better wounding, Grim Reaper leads the race. What about penetration? Rage wins over Grim Reaper in this case. Rage broadheads bring highly accurate heads too. 

And lastly, both of them are highly efficient in hunting big animals. 

From elk to moose or even buffalo, Rage ensures successful hunting through its larger and sharper cutting diameters. (Learn more on sharpening mechanical broadheads)

And, one-piece ferrule design makes it more durable on top of that. The same goes for Grim Reaper carrying a 1 3/8” cut diameter head which is manufactured with the intention of hunting elk.

However, you actually can rely on Rage broadheads considering its overall performance. 


Do Grim Reaper mechanical broadheads fly like field points?

Yes, it does. With the help of its larger entry cutting and deeper penetration, flying such as field points is highly achievable. Along with that, the blades of this Grim Reaper broadhead can remain shut until they hit the shooting point. 

Will I get a good entrance hole with Grim Reaper mechanical Broadheads?

Yes! The internal spring pattern of the Grim Reaper mechanical broadheads permits you to get a solid entrance hole. They demand less processing energy during opening too. These features make this broadhead-type topper in terms of penetration.

How do Grim Reaper Broadheads open?

As Grim Reaper Broadheads carry the patented internal spring design, the opening gets easier. And, it allows the mechanical blades to come back freely against the spring while opening.

As a result, you will not find any arrow deflection here. Meanwhile, these broadheads nicely can absorb the blade’s shock. 

What is the contrast between Rage broadheads and rage crossbow broadheads?

The base ferrule diameter makes the biggest contrast between these broadheads. While the Rage standard measures 0.320 inches, 0.350 inches is the average measurement of crossbow broadheads. In the meantime, a rage crossbow broadhead can ensure more shooting fps than a rage standard.

Wrap Up

Now you can differentiate between Rage and Grim Reaper broadheads, don’t you? 

Take your time, note down your priorities, and choose the ideal one. Hope you find our article helpful.

Go hunting!

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