NAP Killzone vs Rage (True Comparision)

Can’t make a choice about which broadhead gets you out of all odds? Especially, NAP Killzone and Rage broadheads lead the field. But which specific one should you choose? I have the answers. 

So, what are the key differences between NAP Killzone vs Rage? The main difference between them is- the cutting diameter. Rage broadheads bring bigger diameters but interestingly, NAP Killzone leaves a more massive wounding spot. In terms of durability, NAP wins over Rage. However, better penetration belongs to the Rage broadheads. 

That’s not everything. I haven’t shared them in depth yet. So, let’s get started!

NAP Killzone vs Rage: A Quick Comparison

Before moving on to the detailed section, why don’t we get you a quick overview? Especially, the factors that make a huge impact on shooting. 

In the end, these might vary from one broadhead to another! Here are the comparing factors!

Comparing FactorsNAP KillzoneRage
Field-tip AccuracyAverageSuperior
Build Quality & DesignBetter & fancyBetter
Blades OpeningRequires more effort to openEasy to open
O-ring & CollarSuitably not containingContaining
Cutting DiameterNot more than 2 inches2.3 inches or more
Wounding spotBiggerLesser
PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

But do you think this is enough?

Not really. I need to expand them as much as possible. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have all the nitty-gritty in your pocket. 

NAP Killzone Vs Rage: Detailed Comparison

It’s time to get all the details! Shall we start?


Rage broadheads are highly known for their precision in accuracy. Rage carrying a tip design ensures users have the pinpoint accuracy of a leading-edge design. 

This feature actually helps users in leaving a massive cutting diameter which can be 2.3 inches or more than that. 

On the other hand, 2 inches cutting diameter of NAP Killzone offers maximum accuracy until you compare it to the Rage. 

Penetration Quality

Many users show misconceptions about the penetration quality of a broadhead! Flight accuracy is not closely related to the penetration or hitting qualities. 

Look, we know how important this quality is. And that’s why you end up buying a mechanical broadhead like Rage or NAP. Though NAP Killzone is ideal in the flight, it doesn’t mean you will see it penetrating better. 

well, if you test two of them, penetration ability comes better in the Rage broadheads. They might struggle in the flight comparatively. However, hitting better makes it standard in the market. 

And also, you get to see it penetrating more, whether you shoot from a long distance or shorter. 

Blade Opening Issue

Keeping the blades in the quiver or even during the flight is such an excellent trait shown by the NAP Killzone broadheads. 

But interestingly, opening the blades again while hitting the target is not that easy. 

To some extent, your whole hunting experience may go in vain if a blade opening issue occurs. That’s why broadheads like NAP Killzone can be so dangerous and uncertain performers. 

On the other hand, Rage hypodermic might have nothing to offer in better folding facilities with the blades. 

However, they can hit the target with full power as the blades keep flourishing, unlike NAPs. As a result, you can see better penetration with the Rage models. 

Building Design

The field-point accurate broadhead- NAP Killzone comes with its brand’s signature- a spring-clip design. This unique feature confirms the blades not getting opened during the flight. 

In the meantime, Rage broadheads bring a Slip Cam technology anchoring the blades in place while they are in a closed position. 

But you might find the NAP Killzone’s building structure more durable and more in favor of your pleasant hunting experience.

O-rings and Collar

Many people find comfort in aligning their broadhead horizontally or vertically. Doing these gives them a clear sight of the flight. However, adjusting this can be a waste of time. Along with that, professional archers prefer not to utilize these. 

On top of these, once you start using o-rings and collars, you might often need them. Relevantly, replacing and installing silicone O-rings is not that easy. Spending money again and again just for these types of tools isn’t a cool idea indeed. 

In broadheads such as Rage, you have to highly depend on these tools. Basically, folding the Rage blades during the flight is very tough. That’s where o-rings and collars make the situation better. 

On the other hand, NAP Killzone broadheads do not come with them due to their folding flexibilities. So, no chances at all to de-focused from the target. And, shifting away due to wind is very unlikely for them.

Final Verdict

On my radar, we feel both mechanical broadheads are almost the same and unique. But Rage might be a little bit ahead of NAP Killzone.

Quick Questions And Answers

Do Rage broadheads shoot like field tips?

Yes, Rage broadheads can fly just like the field points. Also, hitting like sledgehammers makes the shooting experience more effective.

They have a dual-blade design providing a thinner profile in flight. As a result, you get an enhanced range and accuracy on every shoot.

What is the best NAP Broadhead?

You might find NAP thunderheads the best. They come with more than one inch of cutting diameter. Manufacturing with micro-grooved Slimline ferrules ensures top-notch cutting quality here.

So, your broadhead will be able to cut through flesh easily. Moreover, penetration skill is excellent which permits you to have more lethal shots.

Can I utilize NAP Killzone with a crossbow?

Yes, you can! NAP Killzone broadheads are designed for use in crossbows having 400 fps. (Learn more on how far crossbow shoot) While maintaining field-point accuracy, their unique spring-clip design ensures no blade opening during the flight. They stay folded even in your quiver. And, no o-rings or rubber bands are there.

Can I practice with Rage broadheads?

Yes, you can! More specifically, shooting with Rage 2 blades broadheads can be the most ideal pick for you.

You will find them helpful in grooving the accuracy of every shot. These broadheads might be a little bit tough when you hit the targets. Also, the price range is higher. 

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